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Pro Fisher


The Dragon Kayak Pro Fisher fishing Kayak is arguably the best fishing kayak on the market today. Designed in Australia, it’s built for stability, safety, tracking, comfort, and speed.Designed with features that would be helpful to any recreational or fishing kayaker.

The Dragon Kayak Pro Fisher is one of a few kayaks on the Australian market that has been tested and certified by an Australian compliance and safety firm for specification and weight capacity. Boasting a weight capacity of 150kg it's one of the few 2.8m kayaks on the market that can carry the big kayaker

The engineered Bow and Stern design enhance maneuverability, tracking, and speed. The streamlined hull improves aquaplaning to reduced water resistance. This fishing kayak is suitable for recreational kayaking or the pro kayak angler. This is a quality built Kayak made to Australian Standards. Made from quality UV treated plastic, stainless steel fittings and brass inserts to endure the harsh Australian sun.

Buy with confidence, backed by a 5-year limited warranty

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