Dragon Hunter rudder fishing kayak

The Dragon Hunter fishing Kayak is arguably the best rudder fishing kayak on the market today.  Built for Stealth, stability, tracking, comfort and speed the Dragon Hunter is the kayak of choice for the open Blue water.  This fishing kayak is the perfect kayak for game fishing.

Fully rigged with all the essentials required for the professional or game kayaker.  Featuring deluxe fishing seat, swivel rod holders, built in rods holders, foot control rudder system, large storage hatches and fishing pod for mounting sounders and fish finders.

Dragon Hunter fishing kayak is one of a few kayaks on the Australian market that has been tested and certified by an Australian compliance and safety firm for specification and weight capacity.

The engineered Bow and Stern design, enhances maneuverability, tracking, and speed. The streamlined hull improves aquaplaning to reduced water resistance and provides the stealth kayaking experience.

Is this Australia’s best value rudder control fishing kayak?

Popularity and demand for this model suggest so. 

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